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Jul 20, 2006
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"If you're in the Terran Republic looking for an outfit then Better Red Than Dead is a good one for you!"
Matt Higby - Creative Director of Planetside 2

Better Red Than Dead
Server: Miller
Recruiting: Yes*
Role: Combined Arms**

BRTD have a long and illustrious history since being formed at the release of PlanetSide 1 in 2003. A combined arms outfit, we use all the tools at our disposal to “have fun and get **** done” - a play style that has allowed BRTD to remain one of the most active and effective outfits on Auraxis.

We pride ourselves on having a community of players who fight hard and play harder; going from an incisive drop with armour and air support to having a Harasser race through hostile territory, we strive to succeed without sacrificing the fun element of gaming. We are Better Red Than Dead. Are you?

Head to to find out...

*The outfit may sometimes close recruitment when we reach capacity in order to ensure all our new members are trained to a high standard and remain active. Applications made whilst recruitment is closed will be considered when recruitment re-opens; unless the applicant is a returning BRTD member or has a friend already in the outfit willing to vouch for them, in which case their application will be considered immediately.

**Our multi-faceted approach caters to all play styles. So whether you’re an ace pilot, a panzer general or a dedicated ground-pounder, there’s a place for you in BRTD.
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