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Donating is not required but is very much appreciated. Every penny donated gets invested back into our community to cover our running costs such as the cost of our servers and keeps the Better Red Than Dead free of any kind of cost to our membership. If you have any questions about donating please feel free to contact us

Donators do not receive any additional privileges, access, or other preferential treatment as a result of donating. However, we will attempt to recognise members for their generous donations where possible.

*Note: you won't automatically be on the donation list till it is confirmed. it will take up to 48 hours for it to appear
This donation drive ends in
  • Confirmed
  • Some more microtransaction testing, lets see if the name goes through
  • Confirmed
  • What is this microtransaction shit how can I cancel this wait I think I found it
  • Confirmed
  • ur a faget
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • I resent it being euros.
  • Confirmed
  • Ok I can send 1 more donate
  • Confirmed
  • At least something
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • I guess times are tough to all, but BRTD gave me so much when I was done. So here we go. Thank you for the wonderful BRTD community! <3
  • Confirmed

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