1. Juggernaut

    Website & Mumble Mumble server has been moved

    hi folks, we were have had a lot of issues with packet loss and disconnects that were growing worse over time. To fix this, I have moved our mumble server to a different hosting company based in London. if you're using as your address, there are no changes needed bar accepting...
  2. Juggernaut

    Website & Mumble Our Mumble Server has been moved to new Hosting

    Hi folks , We moving our mumble server to a new server, All the server details remain the same. It might ask to click yes to a new certificate, please Click yes. There might be some DNS/Connection issues If so please do a Flushdns. See guide below: Click the start button and navigate to...
  3. Juggernaut

    Mumble How to export or import your mumble Certificate

    Certificates are more secure than passwords — people can't connect to a server and impersonate you unless they acquire your private certificate, which is stored locally on your computer. Server administrators can assign fine-grained permissions to specific certificates, and you can even use your...