planetside 2 update

  1. egg

    Planetside 2 download error Pls help!

    Hey everyone I have a Problem with the Planetside 2 Launcher. This isn't the first time that I have this kind of probelm. I get it like every little update. @JerusalemWolfe helped me last time, when I reinstalled Planetside 2. I reinstalled Planetside 2 because of this error, I deactivated my...
  2. StriKe_jk

    Game Update - 4/27 Construction System

    Important: If you see this error message, leave your launcher open. It is downloading the patch in the background. The Construction System has been released!
  3. Zorkos

    Update 3/22

    The Planetside 2 servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) tomorrow morning for a brief update. The estimated downtime is 1.5 hours and will require a client download. The following changes will be included: Server Performance As we’ve mentioned over the past few weeks, one of our top...
  4. Odbball

    Game Update - 3/2

    We will be performing an update tomorrow at 6am (Pacific) to introduce a small list of changes, features and improvements. The estimated downtime is 1.5 hours. Below is a list of what will be included in the update: NS-61 Emissary A new pistol has taken its place among the popular Nanite...
  5. StriKe_jk

    Game Update - 1/14

    The Planetside 2 servers will be coming at at 6am (Pacific) for a game update tomorrow morning. The expected downtime is approximately 1.5 hours. The following changes/additions have been made: Max Battle Rank Increase We’ve increased the XP Max Battle Rank increased to 120. The following...
  6. Thundestrucks

    PTS Update 12-23-15 aka HA shield nerf and Gatekeeper nerf (Updated)

    Heavy Shield Nanite Mesh Generator Hit points reduced from 750 to 450 Drain per second decreased from 50 to 12.5 Adrenaline Shield Hit points reduced from 750 to 450 Drain per second reduced from 50 to 18 Shield points received per kill changes: Rank 1 increased from 31 to 90 Rank 2...
  7. Odbball

    Game Update 10/29

    The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) on 10/29 for a game update. The estimated downtime is approximately 1.5 hours. Below is a list of features/changes/etc once the update is complete. Victory Points Continents will no longer be captured by alerts and territory...
  8. TobieBrave

    PS2PTS 2015-10-17

    Small hype! Shaql have been datamining again. TR QUAD CANNON! And lots of ANT stuff Dibs on naming the prowler Mammoth Tank now
  9. StriKe_jk

    Bounty Update - 10/2

    The Planetside 2 servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) for an update. Estimated down time is approximately 1 hour. Bounty System Exact sweet, sweet, revenge on the last person to kill you by placing a bounty on them for other players to claim that will award both you and their killer...
  10. StriKe_jk

    Game Update - 9/4

    Game Update: Friday 6am, Pacific. NEW Empire Specific Anti Vehicle Weapons (MBT/Harasser) NC - M96 Mjolnir: Affectionately referred to as "The Boombox" by many NC soldiers, the Mjolnir's burst fire explosive rounds excel against armored targets in close quarters engagements. TR - MR11...
  11. TobieBrave

    Game Update - 7/23

    Downtime start: 6am Pacific What’s New: ·Blink and you might miss it! Providing a new tactical approach to troop deployment, the new Sunderer Cloak is now available for certification points in the Sunderer Loadout screen. ·Burst weapons feel a bit underwhelming to you? These have now been...
  12. StriKe_jk

    [Live] Game Update - 5/19

    Downtime start: 6am Pacific Membership benefit improvements: Removing the Copper, Silver and Gold tiers and everyone who is a member is treated like they have max-level-Auraxium membership going forward, with all the benefits that entails. Intra-Facility Missions: Intra-facility missions are...
  13. StriKe_jk

    An Update on the May Update! (by RadarX)

    Hey everyone! We've got an update brewing for next week that we wanted to tell you guys about. Take a look and let us know what you think. Intra-Facility Missions Intra-facility missions are dynamically created missions that point you towards the important objectives inside a facility based on...
  14. StriKe_jk

    Game Update 4/9

    To tired to read everything? Scroll down to my quick & dirty sum up! Flight Controls Changes To get an improved level of control when using a gamepad, some changes needed to be made to our base physics interpretation of inputs; for maintainability splitting at this level was not an option The...
  15. Juggernaut

    New TR max sound on PTS

  16. StriKe_jk

    Hotfix 22.01.2015 Downtime start: 6am PST Fix a case where players would appear dead after respawning if they were last killed while falling Speculative fix for Med Kits not working properly during high server load TR: Removed laser sight...