Brief vacation (and some advice for while I'm gon)


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Apr 13, 2012
Greetings all!
I'm writing this up to let y'all know that I'm on vacation as of Today (Friday 09 AUG 2013) and won't be back until Sunday the 18th. When I do get back I'm going to be busy with prepping for my next semester of college. As such my playtime will be limited.
Before I go, a couple things (primarily for the upcoming Hossin event but equally applicable in the future) for any and all who may be reading this:
Let the PL lead the platoon (especially if you are a SL or someone else who is NOT the PL)

Let the SL lead the squad (especially if you are the PL or someone else who is NOT the SL)

If the SL has any comments, concerns or advice (particularly when regarding tactics) use the fucking SL channel. It exists so that the only people who get confused are the ones who are calling the shots)

If you're neither the SL or the PL do NOT bother asking 'where are we going next?' unless everyone's been sitting around for several minutes. It can take some time to find a good next move (although proper PLs should always have at least one alternative move planned for the future) and when people pipe up asking about where the platoon is going next, it doesn't help.
In short: You'll know where we're going when I fucking tell you where we're going. If you keep asking I'm turning this platoon around and feeding us into the closest NC Biolab woodchipper (and then masturbate when people say 'It's impossible')

On that note: IF you personally feel that something IS impossible to take, or that nothing is really getting 'done' then say something PRIVATELY to the SL/PL. When I come back my tolerance for people saying shit like "we're never going to take this base" will be at an all time low. If you don't like what we're doing as a platoon there is no reason for you to play with the platoon. Call it the 'BRTD Fuckabout Squad', I don't care. Just keep the negative nancy bullshit the fuck outta my Reaper or I will remove you from the platoon and forcibly move you to another channel on mumble.

For fucks sake, unlink the damn mumble channels for the Reaper unless we're doing zergfit ops(typically on most nights when I log in). You'll know when we're doing zergfit ops because, no matter the outfit tag, we'll look and act like a zergfit. (my biggest gripe is when I look at the map and there's not a single dot on amy objective and everyone is more spread out than my whore of an ex-girlfriend's legs.)
We're a fucking outfit. Supposed to be one of the best in PS2. Fucking act like it ya fucks.

We've got some good training on the Grunt's side. Now our middle management, the SLs and PLs, to unfuck themselves. SLs: Tighten up the squads (and just straight up kick belligerents). PLs: Use your SLs to help with the heavy lifting. Work with them to get what you need done. It isn't the job of a PL to lead the squads like he's a SL.
PLs: If you're not getting what you want out of yours SLs, tell them and either replace them or get them to step up.
SLs: If you've got a PL who's taking over your squad, let him. Issue no orders, drop no spawn beacons and answer any question with something like 'huh?'. The offending PL will either learn to let the SLs lead or the PL will get burnt out and quit.

I think that's all. Good luck and have fun! (except the leaders, PLs and SLs exist to make sure the platoon/squad is having fun, not to have fun themselves).


I suppose, technically - Bpostals thread has quite the few fucks to give. Literally.

So, to put saying have a good vacation old chap into bpostal speak.

Have a fuck fucking god dayuum good vacation!! you fucker of all motha fuckin fucker deserve it!.


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Oct 2, 2012
Fucking hell, I fucking love your fucking attitude you fucking, fuck fucking loving man.
God fucking fuck damn BP I want fucking to have your fucking kids, right fucking now!
Have fucking good fucking fun with your fucking fuck vacations, can't fucking wait for fucking you to fucking hell get fucking back to fucking us... Fucking fuck... FUCK!


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Jan 20, 2013
Bristol, UK
Re:Re: Brief vacation (and some advice for while I'm gon)

By Jove, there's some choice language in here old bean...It's a bit much wouldn't you say?

Anyway that was jolly decent of you to write all that down and one hopes you have a bloody good holiday old chap!

Toodle pip and so forth :)

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Nov 24, 2012
Re:Re: Brief vacation (and some advice for while I'm gon)

I love you postal! I'll let you touch my butt when you get home! Enjoy your vacation!