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Aug 2, 2014

So- i am working - yes working - tonight and all of a sudden
my pc starts to shutdown - blam blam blam - shutdown - it goes off.

hrm.... did i click something wrong?

I boot back up - start working again - I am working maybe 30-60 minutes - i have a number of things running
outlook, gvim, visual studio (one document) , excel, xmlpad,, trillian, and not much else worth noting

So - i am working , and working , and working

then - all of a sudden - blam - I get a warning from Excel - changes unsaved do wyou want to save? ok/cancel

and other documents too - - - all over

wtf - before I can say Yes - everything starts to shutdown - and blamo
looked like some memory or other error - couldnt catch it fast enough before -
blam - darkness.

I go inside - watch a little tv

come back out

now I cant even boot up - nothing

luckily i can still get to my boot screen and I am running diagnostics - but its not finding aything yet [been almost an hour running]

I am afraid my HD might have bit the dust - which will real unfortunate!

thought i might have a virus too - but cant confirm that one yet.

so , feel my pain - because this will be painful - i had all of my installs on there (all my MS msi/iso files)
and no - i dont have a bloody back up ! i know , i know - ghost back up
would save me hours of rework!

**** EDIT ****
Just got off the phone with Dell Support
they said it sounds like my Windows Registry has gotten corrupted and that I need to reinstall the OS!

EEEEEEEK - bye bye months of work!


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Jul 20, 2006
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get yourself a ubuntu live cd. which can be downloaded from here

burn it to cd/dvd .place it in the cd drive .reboot the pc.boot it from the cd,it will say do u want to try the live cd .click yes

it will boot the pc from the cd.this will not touch or change any files on the pc.

once booted you will have access to the files stored on the harddrive,connect up a usb harddrive or usb stick copy the file u want to save to the usb drive.

this is completely safe method of recovering files from a corrupted windows operating system without changing anything on the harddrive

this is a quick guide.there are couple of ways to recover the files other than this method
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Aug 2, 2014
thanks will give that a shot!

**** EDIT ****

Working as advertised!

I owe you a few rounds!