Planetside 2 General Recruitment Application from Frogling


New Member
Apr 2, 2021
Username: Frogling

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Which game(s) are you the most interested in? Planetside

If relevant, what is your characters level / battlerank?
Around 20

If you have a Planetside character, please post a link to your character from:
Click here!/5429114800736564705

Why do you want to join BRTD
Sounds like a chill community and one of the members "Steveo" and me been vibing since I joined in game

How did you hear about BRTD? In-Game

What is your primary character name? (must match forum name)
Cioaker (Might eventually make more then one toon anyway)

What is your discord name? (must match, can be changed later) Frogling

Region, Timezone GMT - Greenwhich Mean time (UTC 0)

Anything else you would like to add? Just looking to find people to play with and find a chill community to enjoy the game

Approved by: Aggropatics


Officer Planetside
Nov 9, 2013
Welcome to BRTD @Frogling

You have been accepted on a 4-5 week trial basis which is a standard procedure for all new recruits. The officers should carry out promotions quarterly. If you aspire to advance beyond this rank we expect you to take initiative and be generally helpful, discuss with your officer what this entails.

Our community is represented in many games, among others are;

Planetside - as BRTD - officers in charge; TheBinarySurfer, Aggropatics, Haresus, Riddic, PastryGeneral
Star Citizen - as BRTD and Silverwolf - officers in charge; Purestorm, Gun Pow, Enjie, DeltaWidow
World of Warcraft - as BRTD - officers in charge; Kakskiv, Rautell, Gostchant, Mywicked, Irathi, Nobbynobs

Please Read this information.

It is required that you download Discord which we use for voice communication. For information on how to connect to our Discord server click here. Remember to associate your forum account with discord by clicking here. If you do not complete this step you will not automatically get the appropriate rank and rights on discord.

After joining discord, please visit the "Get Roles - Rules - Info" section and then the "Get-roles" channel and select which games you want to receive @ notifications for. Please notice the " ? info- " channels, they contain useful guides, info and our weekly itinerary.

Feel free to also join us on our social networking sites:

If you have any trouble please consult the support section here or message an officer using this contact form.

We hope you enjoy your time with us!