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Sep 28, 2014
Hello all,

You all know that I hardly ever (if ever) post anything in these forums and that I play PS2 occasionally because I have been living between China, Taiwan and Europe for the past few years. However, I think I should let you all know that Western media is not being thorough at all about the new pandemic that has originated from China. Please do mind that there are very few things -if anything- that can be done to cure the people who have already been infected and that efforts to contain them have so far been insufficient. Therefore, as this is a matter of public health safety, I feel obliged to share this with you.

I will try to keep it simple and short enough to make it easy to read. Please mind that I cannot cite my sources as they fear for their own life. What I can mention is that source #1 is a retired Chinese high-ranking military official with strong ties to a faction of the CCP (China's Communist Party) that disapproves of Prime Minister Xi Jinping and his policies and the other is a pathologist who works for the government (cannot be more specific for safety reasons). Please do take the following information with a grain of salt as I do not have any way to prove anything and that I only have their testimonials as proof and that so far, as much as I trust these two people, these might be nothing but rumours. Nevertheless, I feel the need to keep this community informed and therefore, to that effect, below you can find what the media outlets are saying and what each of the testimonials claim as the truth.

1# Origin of the virus:

- Media: Marketplace in Wuhan city, Hubei Province.
Media throughout the world claim that the virus comes from animals kept in poor conditions and even worse hygiene in a marketplace in the city of Wuhan. In my personal opinion, after having lived in China and knowing the way they process food and the (lack) of hygiene standards that they have, this origin seems rather plausible as Coronaviruses are usually transmitted by sources unrelated to humans, mostly of animal origin.

- Testimonial #1
(translated from Mandarin): The virus originating from a marketplace seems unlikely. The information of its source is rather limited and my connections do not possess any knowledge at the current time how it originated and all I have is hearsay. However, it may or may not be coincidental that the HQ of the PLA's (People's Liberation Army, in other words: The Chinese military) bacteriological warfare division is based in a location with restricted access between the cities of Wuhan and Huanggang. (I did the translation the best I could, the literal phrasing of the last sentence was: "I do not know if there is any relationship to the fact that the HQ of the PLA's biological war department is between Wuhan and Huanggang in a secret that only few people can access". I do not know if the source said 'secret' or 'restricted' as the term in Chinese for that is rather ambiguous).

- Testimonial #2 (Testimonial wrote in English, I just fixed his grammar): "We don't know much right now and the Party (he refers to the CCP) is sealtight about releasing any information. It is too early and I have too little information about its origin. It may have been from the place the media says but transmission in that way is far-fetched to me unless the animals that contained the virus were either consumed raw or undercooked."

2# Spread of the virus and death toll:

- Media
(as of 1st of February 2020): 12.000 globally, 250 dead all in China.

- Testimonial #1 (translated from Mandarin): "Just 12000? Well, it's bollocks! We have had quite a few scandals in the past that were less serious than these and we had tens of thousands of fatalities. According to my friends who are in the Hubei garrison, the people infected in Wuhan alone have surpassed 50.000 for a few days". (Testimonial sent this information on the 30th of January. It may be more widespread now). In our military, we only implement curfews and city-wide quarantines if there is a threat that could harm or kill more than 20% of the population present in the area. Also, my friends there are trying to convince the government to implement martial law after the holidays are over (he is referring to the Chinese New Year Holidays that usually finish on the 6th of February but that has been extended to the 9th of February this year).

- Testimonial #2 (Written in English, I fixed the mistakes in the text): "Nobody really knows what the extent of the virus is at the moment. The numbers given by the CCP seem conservative to me and borderline fictional. According to the studies that we have conducted in the lab, this virus has a spread of 4.05Ro during its incubation period and it goes down to 3.40Ro after showing symptoms. Just so you know, the H1N1 virus (the source refers to the 1918's Spanish flu pandemic in Europe) had a spread of about 1.6 to 2.5 Ro and infected depending on the region and sanitary conditions and it infected about a third of the world population at the time and killed 50 million people. Due to the technological developments since then and because we now travel more than back then, we are looking at about 35-50% of the world population becoming infected at some point if the virus is not contained and about 4-6% of the world population dying because of it. In the developed world, this will not be significant and we guess the percentage would be lower because you have better healthcare and sanitation than other countries but countries in development may experience a strain on their health services that they cannot cope with. For instance, my country (China) is already experiencing this and if the situation continues, according to our estimates at the health department, we will start experiencing a shortage of pharmaceuticals and essential equipment from April this year.

3# Mortality rate:

- Media
: Placed at around 3% for people who already have underlying conditions.

- Testimonial #1: (translated from Mandarin): "I am sorry, I do not know anything about this".

- Testimonial #2: (English, fixed text): "In this case, what the media says may be true. However, the mortality rate from coronaviruses vary greatly depending on many factors and there are some coronaviruses with under 1% mortality rate or even negligible -under 1 in 1000- but a 3% rate is considered quite serious as it triples a regular flu virus mortality rate while still much lower than the H1N1. At this time, the danger of this virus is the type of pneumonia it causes because it is viral and not bacteoriological so it cannot be treated with antibiotics. So far the only treatment we have seen to be partially successful is to let the body heal naturally with assisted respiration and replenishing the fluids with saline as we have not been able to elaborate a vaccine yet. An Australian laboratory has been able to isolate the virus but have not come close to a vaccine and we have received reports from a Romanian lab that is showing promising results for a vaccine but it is too early to tell."

Please mind that this took me a long time to put together and that I am extremely busy so please, do not hold it against me if there are any mistakes in the text. Also, if somebody is currently in China and is trying to either get out or would like some extra information, please contact me via private message. I am not at liberty to give you my phone numbers or personal e-mail address for fear of reprisal. Also, if you need assistance, please be advised that most Western governments are sending back their expats back to their home countries for quarantine and treatment. There are cases in big urban centres besides Wuhan but if you tell them that you have been to Hubei province, they will most likely automatically quarantine you for a few days/weeks. Please release information to your home countries at your own risk.

I just wish I could have released this sooner but I wanted to make sure that I publish this information in the most accurate way possible since translating from Mandarin is no easy task for me and it took some time for those two people to reply to my questions.

I hope that you can all be safe and that we can keep defending the TR together without any further incident!

LOYALTY UNTIL DEATH! (Hopefully by NC or VS bullets and not this shit virus).