[Jul 29, 2017] Scrim vs FFS and friends 29th July 17:30 UTC onwards (Jaeger)


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Sep 8, 2015
Hey guys and girls

We have made some arrangements to scrim with FFS this coming weekend (Saturday the 29th). The aim is to be online at 17:30 for account distribution and walkthrough before starting the first match at Acan Southern.

There will be two halves lasting 15 minutes each before a quick debrief and a move on to the second base, Fort Liberty. Again there will be two halves of 15 minutes followed by a debrief.

If you can make it and want to play only one base or both, let me know in this thread and I'm sure we can make some arrangements. Though please all be on for the brief before hand for the rules and regs of using PSB accounts.

I'm hoping we can have a good turn out for this in the build up to the upcoming scrim league.

See you there


Signed up

1) ShiftyFred
2) Nicolai
3) Indominusrexi
4) JerusalemWolfe
5) Aggropatics
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