Mumble Mumble: Basic Troubleshooting

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First and foremost, go back and read the other guides on the site related to our voice chat server. Many settings and helpful hints can be gleaned from only reading the other guides.

Q. I'm unable to Connect

A. Try the link in the "Connecting to Mumble" guide. If this works, you have entered incorrect information in the server settings. You will need to disconnect, click connect, and select our server, right click and select edit, and change the Server Settings to the correct values. Pay close attention to the address and port fields. If the link in the "Our Server" guide did not work, then check your username. If you specify an invalid username, please see "Connecting to Mumble" guide, you will not be able to log in to the server (Try adding a number to the end of your username).

Q. People Are Unable to Hear Me

A. First, run the Audio Wizard. Can you hear yourself during the "Audio Wizard"? If not make sure the Audio Device is set to the correct device? If the audio device is set correctly, something is wrong with your device drivers or hardware. If the Audio Wizard shows they are reading your microphone correctly, take a look at the settings of any hardware or software firewalls between you and the internet.

See Screenshot

audio wizard.jpg

A. Many Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware products include a firewall and will block the communication of programmes they do not know (such as mumble).
If you use these products, ensure port 50840 is open (allowed) for both incoming and outgoing TCP and UDP traffic. Traditionally mumble uses TCP for control data and UDP for voice data.

Q. I Sound Like Megatron

A. This happen in a noisy environment. Make sure the area around your microphone is clear of loud background noises and try lowering the amplification on your microphone or changing the noise suppression settings.

Another thing, to check, is your latency (ping) when connecting to the server. If the latency is high, you can try adjusting the "jitter buffer" under audio output or the audio compression settings. If the latency of your internet connection is high, there may be nothing you can do other then switch to a higher speed internet provider.


A. Click here for a more in-depth guide on how to fix this.

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