Is there a way of setting a "priority volume" for people in mumble, the reason I ask is I love that Frankie temporarily merged reaper 1+2 yesterday as it was nice to hear so many people chatting even if it wasn't always on topic which is nice, but it made it so difficult to co-ordinate movement between a full platoon with each SL trying to tell his or her squad where to go and what to do.

I know someone had recently changed a setting where when a SL/PL speaks it does semi mute people. but if it was on yesterday it didn't seem to work, the only person I recall using their voice which dominated everyone else whilst chatting was dnaRIP's (not sure if it was cuz he has the "mute" option available to him). :p

If the priority volume was implemented it would then allow for everyone to be able to chat about random stuff like last night as well as the SL/PL being dominant over coms without having to shout/raise their voice.