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Officer World of Warcraft
Nov 18, 2019
Leeds uk
Better Red than Dead - Pyrewood village EU Alliance raiding guild BRTD - "Having fun and getting shit done" since 2003 are a multi platform raiding guild. Recruiting the final members for its BWL raid team to allow for pure guild raids. Currently running Onyxia and MC fully and have just started BWL.

About us: Our guild consists of a wide range of very diverse players. Some of us have been playing WoW for only a few months others have played from release day. We have players who have competed for world 100 end game kills and others who have yet to step foot into a raid. Many of us have boobs whilst others have beards (huge big manly beards). Some of us are straight, others are not whilst others are varying shades in-between. Some of us are parents some of us have yet to procreate (despite their best efforts to attract a mate).

R(Claudebing take into account that many of our members need to put small people to bed. We have a very vibrant and adult orientated Discord, which is our main platform for communication. We are all 18+.

What we offer: Dungeon runs occur every night led by our more experienced players with a view to help to level and gear others. In addition there are two nights a week of end game raiding A fair and balanced loot distribution system is inplace to ensure that loot is distributed correctly - We use EPGP which has just been implemented. Raid times Sunday/Monday: 7.00-11pm Server time invites. Raid start 7.30. We understand that some of our members may need to step out for a short period of time to put kids to sleep.

Now recruiting: Our raid team is almost complete. We are looking to recruit a small number players to complete our raid team.
  • Warlock - MEDIUM 1
  • Holy Priest - HIGH 1
  • Holy Paladin HIGH - 1
  • Shadow Priest - HIGH 1
  • Fury Warrior - HIGH 1

Message us on Discord (LILYANYA#2414, Ghostchant#7308, Mywicked#0986, 1lamafarmer#9465) or any of our officers in game (Mywicked, Lilyanya, Ghostchant, Llamafarmer).
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