Planetside 2 Setting for better FPS


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Jul 20, 2006
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Hi folks,

These setting are for a system where you don't have a good graphics card or where you want performance. Personally i'm saving for a new graphics card ATM waiting on the Nvidia 660ti to be release and be at a decent price.but have to make do with i have atm.

i5 2500k @ 4.4Ghz Overclocked
32 GB Ram
260 GTX
Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit

Resolution: 1920x1080

Small Fights - 60-70 FPS
Medium Fights - 40-50 FPS
Large Fights - 40 FPS
Huge Fights - 30-35 FPS

Go to your Nvidia Control Panel

[Control Panel] > [Appearance and Personalization] > [Nvidia Control Panel]

Manage 3D settings, And under Global tab put the following settings.

Anisotropic Filtering - Application settings

Antialiasing - FXAA - OFF
Antialiasing - On
Antialiasing Mode - Application Controlled
Antialiasing Transparency - Off

Maximum Pre rendered Frames - 1
Multi-Display/Mixed GPU acceleration - Single Display Performance
Power Management - Prefer Maximum Performance

Texture Filtering Anisotrpic sample optimization - On
Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias - Allow
Texture Filtering Quality - High Performance
Texture Filtering - Trillinear optimization - Auto
Trpple Buffering - Off
V-Sync - Off

Ingame settings

Overall Quality - Custom
Graphics Quality - Medium
Texture Quality - Medium
Lighting Quality - Medium
Shadow Quality - Medium
Fog Shadows - Off
Effects Quality - Low
Terrain Quality - Low
Flora Quality - Low
Model Quality - Low
Partials - Low
Render Quality - 0.60 to 80
FOV - 60 To 70

hope this helps


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Sep 21, 2014
Nice, was this Pella's one from the forums? I used it before I upgraded my card. Just make sure if you use these settings then later upgrade your card you do a clean install of the drivers otherwise you may receive some rather 'interesting' results :X.