Sort of away and not at the same time



Hi guys,

Just posting to let you know I am currently not playing as much as I would like and won't be able to for the forseeable future.

My company is on the brink of launching a new product and I am responsible for that and for making us all billionaires (or well a healthy profit would be nice :) )

So best I can probably do is log on once or twice a week or maybe late at night a bit more often, but when is really unpredictable for now. You sometimes might not even see me for a whole week although I will do my utmost to prevent that.

I have no intention of giving up on either PS2 or BRTD (this outfit is awesome), just can't keep up with the pace at the moment.

I am and will be on the forums every day so I will keep up with what's new.

Yes I know mumble will never be the same for it but you all will come out stronger in the end ;)