Events Sunday 20/10/19 18:30 UTC - £25 Gift Card Event - Cave Exploration Race


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Aug 25, 2014
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Hello Citizens, on Sunday upcoming we will be hosting an event where the lucky winners can win SC gift cards.

The event will begin at 18:30 UTC on Planet Hurston: Lorville Space-Port Lobby area. Please make sure you head to Lorville and set your spawn before the event.
We understand this game is still in development and many issues can crop up so if anyone does have trouble getting to Lorville before the event's start you will have to to catch up, it is why we are starting this event 30 minutes earlier than normal. - If everyone is present at the time the event will instead begin immediately

The event will be a non-combat race amongst our players, the winner being the first one to find the body in an 'Investigate: Missing Person' cave mission.

All participants will be in the same group aboard one ship together. Once an appropriate mission is found we will head to its location. Once the ship lands all participants are to stay aboard the ship for the time being, only a couple of event organisers (Not in the party or accepted the mission) will leave and head into the cave. The organisers will then attempt to find the body (This may take a while but we expect no longer than 10 minutes max) where they will then watch over the body and blend into the background.

Once the body is found and the go given, all participants will gather at the ships exit which can house them (i.e, Hammerhead's rear large elevator, no small doorways or lifts). An organiser will be controlling the exit door. The moment the door begins to open, the race begins. If you jump too early and die from the fall, that is on you!

The winning player will be tracked by the organiser/s watching at the body since completing the mission in a group doesn't announce who found the body.

Participant Rules:
- No fighting/combat
- Remain on the ship until told - All players are to group up at the exit being used as the start line
- Once you find the body, complete the in-game mission and announce it while standing over the body and await confirmation by the organisers
- If you die the race will continue for other players
[Bare in mind the caves can still be a bit buggy and running into other players can kill/maim each other in this patch so be careful]

There are countless caves on multiple planets/moons, each one randomly generated so it will be difficult for players to find their way around a specific cave. Players will want to collect their survival gear for the caves before the event and to be reminded that no armour = speed

Sometimes cave missions are bugged and may not spawn a body so if that is the case we ask you to please be patient - One sign a mission is bugged is when a player who has accepted the mission goes into the cave but but beacon still displays "Head to cave ---metres away"

We plan on doing another race after this one if it is successful

To add onto this, there is currently a screenshot contest linked above with some nice prizes which can be used for further giveaways and prizes - Once we are done with the races we can setup some nice screenshots ourselves - if anyone has any ideas on what they want to do feel free to say on the night, every idea is another chance to win!

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Oct 9, 2019
One note, make sure who ever is monitoring the body isn't in group or people can follow their marker :)
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