Website & Mumble Website clean up

Hi folks,

I removed and tidied the forum. Most of the threads were moved to either to the training section or the general area of the forums as there were no new posts in a year in those sections.

I also re-ordered the forum a small bit and removed the descriptions from the forum sections to remove the visual clutter.

what was removed:
  • After action reports
  • Buy and sell
  • music and films
  • Elite Dangerous section has been archived/hidden from view
The Elite dangerous can be easily restored if there is enough interest.



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Apr 13, 2012
Good shit mate and I appreciate all the hard work you put in on your off time. Hopefully you're not forgetting to get pissed and have some fun. Lemmie know if you need hosting donations. I don't have much but if needs be I got 5 on it.

Question though, we still selling BRTD shit? I've still got my hoodie but I need a fuckin hat to cover my bald ass head.

Much love and I hope to see ya as soon as I can stop working 6 day weeks.