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Yes, we are a casual clan/community, but the below rules represent the foundation of order which has helped us last as long as we have. This is an 18+ Outfit - This is for both our AND your protection, as we cannot guarantee topics of discussion and general member communications will always be SFW.


  • Verbally abusing members or other players (Including other factions/teams) will not be tolerated.​
  • The use of cheats, hacks, stat-padding and bug abusing in any way is a ban-able offence and will be reported to the appropriate instance.*​
  • If you are in-game, then you are encouraged to be logged into our voice comms (Discord). For Planetside that would be the Pre Op/Staging area whilst in World of Warcraft we recommend any of the social channels.​
  • When relevant, only SL/PL/Officers/Leadership have the right to list Public Squads as BRTD**
  • BRTD has a long history of co-operative gameplay. Please join in and give everyone the pleasure of your company. If you never join BRTD parties, groups, platoons or Discord, you're missing out on the benefits of being in a community like this.​
  • Leave the drama at the door. This includes many things, but our members come to play, not to argue (see below).​
  • Griefing, in general, is not allowed.​
*Note: These Rules are subject to change as we see fit.
**Feel free to lead a publicly listed platoon, but please do NOT list it as a BRTD squad.

Please do not air each other members' dirty laundry in Discord or on the public forums!

If you have a problem with another member, please approach a staff member on voice communications or message them privately on the forums. A quick message can often sort out the occasional issue members may have with each other, and can help resolve things smoothly. It is much preferred that you let someone know rather than suffering in silence as that often doesn't help matters. Remember, leadership is here to help.

Ban Circumstances

  1. The first time you break a rule, an admin will let you know and direct you to this post.​
  2. The second time you will receive a warning.​
  3. The third time will result in a permanent ban.​
Please read our social media policy
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Aug 21, 2013
Updated, changed wording slightly, "outfit rules" to "community rules", added the wording "partys, groups" where it previously just said "squads and platoons" to be more generalized.

Changed "required" to "encouraged" about voice coms
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