planetside 2

  1. CombustibleLemon

    Events Arshee outfit spotlight uniform.

    My fellow outfitmembers and planetsmen, As many of you know next Thursday Night Ops we will be having the outfit spotlight by Arshee live on twitch. This poll was created to determine what camo we should all wear. Suggestions welcome.
  2. Juggernaut

    Outfit News Planetside Arena

    Hi Folks, Good news, Daybreak games is launching a new game called Planetside arena Website: Preorder Cost: $19.99(€17.00) for standard, $39.99(€34.00) for the deluxe edition. Game-modes: A few. Battleroyale, Death-match, Capture the Flag. Preorder beta...
  3. Juggernaut

    Outfit News Upgrades For Planetside 2: DX11 and Robot-men(NS fourth faction)

    The big talking points. New Respawn System, Spawn Hopping is hopefully outdated with a lot more freedom about how and where you redeploy to (prioritizes under-pop fights with instant respawns/the frontline and after a delay, allows spawning in any owned hex). It also doesn't force you off of...
  4. BilliBobBillsen

    a little change

    Hi guys, to make it as short as possible .... I founded my own little outfit, which will hopefully grow in the next couple of sessions. The founding of my own outfit is down to in-game limitations that every independent platoon leader is facing sooner or later but I will spare you with the...
  5. Nicolai

    Server Smash vs Thunder (China)

    Attention all! We have the next Server Smash coming up! This time we will be facing down the Chinese from Thunder in 200v200 match! The match will take place on the 7th of April (Saturday) at 13:00 BST // 14:00 CEST. The following rules are in place: No A2A Lock-ons / Coyotes / Hyenas No AI...
  6. Hakda

    PS 2

    Hi Guys. Not seeing many BRTD online these days! Your Mums not letting you out to play? Which night is the busiest for you, I miss the times when I squaded up with you "L33T" guys