A Critique of the Game


Oct 7, 2012
I came across this Critique of the current Planetside build and the game, made by a PS1 Vet.


Do you think he has any valid points?


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Oct 25, 2012
A am new so i can't say much, but I think Totalbiscuit was right with his critique on "end game jobs". At the moment I feel like: Yeah gameplay is fun and all, but wait shouldn't I have accomplished something great after I played for 2 hours or so? Nope we got 3 facilyties and they got stolen back so nothing happened.
Maybe it is because I wasn't part of a big operation yet but I think thats a huge problem.


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Sep 25, 2012
First thing that needs to be understood about any game is that is has short comings.Every game has them,even the ones that made history(diablo series,system shock.dungeon keeper,quake,deus ex etc.) had their quirks.

Most of the things detailed in TBs video are fixable,but they are many.Every new patch they add new bugs,which in itself is not a reason to hate the game but how fast they get to hot fix those bugs is important.


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Oct 1, 2012
Total Biscuit always makes some good points. I've been following his stuff for quite some time now.

I would love to have a 3-man Prowler. but that will never happen. :lol:
It would be nice if they postpone release as well. Otherwise it will all go to hell


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Jul 20, 2006
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The prowler is major sore point for me, as in it original form it encouraged teamwork(Three version sucked but it was better). i was a pretty good driver. bigal was a great gunner. Together we were much better than the sum of our parts. i really miss it . it was a big factor for me playing in the evening's.
The current version of tanks are more one armies and encourage lone wolf syndrome. i have fallen for that disease at times. my current record is 113 kills to 1 with a prowler in roughly 1.5 hours. that isn't right by any standard.
one prowlers are not equal to 2 man team. it would really build the use of armor. as i only ever used gunners i knew (sorry folks but i'm real picky when comes to gunners).

the bugs and flow of the game can be worked on. but the bases need a shit load of improvement. a perfect example is mani . is where a small force can hold off a large force. as there is 1-2 entrance/choke points to attack from.


With planetside 2 in my opinion catering more for the solo casual player the prowler does what it does, a one man army. A 2 or 3 man prowler is fun but only if you have friends to communicate with, and if you don't your forced to interact over a poor VOIP. But if your on your own and Timmy aged 5 jumps in your gunner seat and starts messing about / being a really crap gunner / taking on more then he can chew, is it really fun for you to just - sit there and be his own personal chauffeur? while some guy you don't know gets kills? Hes happy when the tank explodes - he has not lost 300 in resources, hes just had a blast! at your expense.

Of course having a crew tank will cut the amount of tank spam, but it could be an annoyance to get gunners, it'd require more communication alot of spam and mic spam to just get an armor push going (unless your with an outfit/squad of people who are on comms/chat etc)

I honestly think, even though i approve of crew tanks - planetside will turn into MMOFPS BUMPER CARS single man tanks having to ram enemy vehicles because hes just spawned a tank on his lonesome. XP variables between gunner/driver/top gunner need to be adjusted so its fair and worth it.

The only REAL solution i can think of is having a one man tank certificated, as in you have to cert up to being able to man a tank on your own - like, the lore could be "adding outloaders" or "remote controlled turret". Just to justify having a tank to yourself. Or they add one man as it is now but with negative effects over a crewed tank as in, slower turn rate of turret - slower reload - movement etc whereas a fully crewed vehicle is more optimal in its performance.

Having a crewed tank is fun when your with friends, a tank of greenies is a disaster on tracks.


Oct 7, 2012
I think a few of the points Dotz0r raised could be ironed out by giving the driver a share of the XP of kills, much like how a Sunderer driver gets XP, and by giving the driver a front-mounted assault weapon (like a flamethrower or HMG).

As it is I find tank driving to be somewhere between tedious and clumsy, if I had to concentrate on either driving or gunning I would find it to be a lot easier, trying to do both just confuses me.

And as for it being anti-greenie, I'd argue the entire game is anti-greenie simply because - it's an MMO. By that very definition It kinda should completely aimed towards playing with friends or in an Outfit. And to be honest, I could deal with less Prowlers around, clogging up West Highlands Checkpoint every time I've been there...


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Jul 31, 2014
I am really worried that they are bringing it out so soon i don't think it is anywhere near ready :unsure: