[application] 2positive



Name: Ilya
Age: 26

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

In-Game name: 2positive

Previous Planetside experience: about a week of PS2

Do you have a mic? yes/no: Yes, used it a lot in BF3, DayZ

Other (online) games played / achievements: Love 3d shooters, played every major one since early 90ties used to be in a competitive CS clan at school, played about 250 hours of BF 3, av K/D about 1.4, got bored, played Dayz a lot, now PS2.

What I hope to bring to BRTD: I realize the immense value of teamwork, especially in this game. I'm a skilled all-round warrior that will follow squad leader commands flawlessly. And I prefer playing seriously, I mean taking responsibility and trying to get results and not just run around and die.

Preferred play style: I can do anything, incl boring support roles, defense, camping, etc. with no problem, but prefer rushing in and kicking ass with a heavy assault or sneaking in and kicking ass with an infiltrator.

Anything else you'd like to add: I usually play several hours per day, 6-11 pm gMT


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Sep 21, 2014
Hi 2positive,

Welcome to BRTD! We will be adding you to the outfit on a 2 week trial basis (standard procedure for new recruits). Please download mumble (our version of Teamspeak) and use the "Mumble Login" link at the top of the website or alternatively use the server details listed here: http://www.brtd.net/forum-s/2-Public-Forum/1413-new-mumble-voice-server?limitstart=0

Please try to start using mumble within the next week or so (it's very important for coordination). If you have any trouble please consult the FAQ section: www.brtd.net/faq-guides or ask an officer who will be happy to assist you (you will need an officer to authenticate you on the mumble server when you first log in).

You may also find useful outfit related information in the combined information thread: http://www.brtd.net/forum-s/2-Public-Forum/1355-combined-information-thread#1652

Please also introduce yourself to the rest of the outfit by making a post here: http://www.brtd.net/forum-s/search?q=hello%20and%20welcome&titleonly=1&childforums=1

The outfit training officers have a thread set up, so if you require training in any particular gameplay aspect drop them a message at http://www.brtd.net/forum-s/training-tactics-guides-suggestions/1476-new-members-training#2303

The outfit plays on the EU1 server; our squads are often open and listed (though ask on mumble for an invite if they are not). The outfit feature in game is currently bugged so until it is fixed we will not be using it and will be relying purely on mumble and ingame squads.

We are currently developing our combined arms approach so there is the potential to branch out into more air or ground vehicle related roles should you want to, but as it stands infantry still form the majority of the skill base in our outfit.

Catch you soon in game soon :)