Application and mumble problems

Sep 28, 2014
Hey there fellas,

I write to you because I dropped an application for Planetside 2 (not 1) on your forums and it was answered but you lads thought I was applying for Planetside 1.

Since beta for PS2 is coming soon I'd like to pop in your outfit mumble and say hi but since I have not subscribed to PS1 for a long time that I cannot have the password, is there any chance I could get a pm with it so I can talk to you?

Looking forward to your reply!


Hi guys,

I did the exact same thing. I signed up for Planetside 2 since I don't have the original.

But yeah, I would like to drop in on the Outfit mumble, so I could talk to someone before the beta begins. So if I could get a PM as well I would be more than pleased!

Thank you!