[Application] Harabeck



Name: Chris
Age: 43
Location: UK
In-Game name: Harabeck
Previous Planetside experience: Played from beta for 2 years then on and off
Other (online) games you have played: Tribes 2 all possitions competitivley, Quake 3, Eve day 1 trader account and a second pvp/pirate that i started 8 months after release, wow - multitude of servers, have 6 at 85 and a few more at 80 pve only never did like wow pvp), TF2 (1000+ hours as medic), LFD/2, cs, cs:s, Killing Floor (still play) and a quite few more
Do you have a mic?: Yes
What you hope to bring to BRTD: Here to test planetside 2 and beyond. Played a multitude of teamplayer games at all possitions so whatever the team needs i'm mostly willing to fill it (poor veh pilot in all the games i've ever played so don't ask for your own benefit)
Anything else you'd like to add: Ran for a few hours with Rasmis and a couple of others last night and he pointed us to here. Had good fun, reminded me what planetside is about.

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