Name: Jamboreen

Age: 20

Location: Ireland

In-Game name: Jamboreen, Potatomcwhiskey

Previous Planetside experience:
- Outfit history (if applicable): Better Red Than Dead circa 2006-2007 ish

Other (online) games you have played / acheivements: I'm a big fps player escpecially when teamwork is emphasised. Examples include Nuclear Dawn, Join Operations, Battlefield,

Do you have a mic? yes/no: Yes

What you hope to bring to BRTD: Another warm body for the meatgrinder. And perhaps a drunken galaxy pilot. Time will tell. On a serious note I hope to bring a good natured squaddie who you can rely on to guard your back.

Anything else you'd like to add: It was nigh 8-6 years ago when I first joined BRTD. My memory is fuzzy on the exact dates but I have only good memories of my time with you guys. I remember being awestruck by OneStepAhead's ability to solo a tower from the top floor, BigAl sneaking around showing me the ropes. His wife played too. xchocyx and myself sitting on hills in inshundar sniping poor maxs just for the hell of it. Dimboy flying his coffins haha! I was only 13-14 when I first joined so admittedly I was probably a bit immature for what you're looking for now, but the years have past and I find myself back here. PS2 is the game I've been hoping to see since forever and I'd be delighted to go into it with a bunch of old and new friends.

Oh, and heres something you might get a laugh out of


A couple of old videos of BRTD, Murder She Wrote ( My teenage self mistook it as Murder Without Sin). Haha We raced ANTs accross Ishundar and it was one of my fondest memories of this bunch. Escuse the music choice haha, I was mad into metal! :D

Hope you're all well!


BRTD Member
Aug 13, 2014
Jambo!! long time mate, welcome back..

no need to re-apply, ur still a BRTD PS1 member =)