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Nov 20, 2012
Name: Mike Chadderton

Age: 23

Location: Didsbury, Lancashire

In-Game name: LightReaper

Previous Planetside experience: About a year or so of the original Planetside 1 playing Vanu, planetside 2 Beta for about a month

Outfit history (if applicable): I honestly can't remember, some big Vanu outfit in the original Planetside, I'll be damned if I can remember it though.

Other (online) games you have played / achievements: Geez, that'd be a long list, I guess you'd want relevant games though so shooters I've played recently include Natural Selection 2, Arma 2 (and the mod Day Z), Battlefield 2 & 3, Call of Duty Black Ops, to list some of the more recent ones. I've also spent too much time playing MMOs like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, a little bit of Eve Online.

Do you have a mic? yes/no: Yes

What you hope to bring to BRTD: Schizophrenic blowing of generators ahead of a main assault, and getting my LA to places he really shouldn't be! Oh and horrible crashing of aircraft.

Seriously though, an attitude that can take the serious with the surreal.

What made you choose this outfit over any other organized outfit: My brother Ukela has spoken good things about the outfit, and your recruitment videos speak of an organisation you don't typically see from other outfits.

What do you want from BRTD: Organisation & Direction. I've been playing this game with a few of my housemates and we've been enjoying ourselves but there's a limit to what you can do as a 3-4 man pod, so I'm really interested to experience being a cog in part of a larger machine. Oh and fun obviously.

What is your prefered play style: Infantry/Armour/Aircraft: Infantry but I also like to play Armour occasionally.

Anything else you'd like to add: Homeland is a fantastic tv show and everyone should watch it.


lights my bro! spoke on mumbles bout him and his housemates. get him involved serious gamer!


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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
Hi Mike,

Due to the cirumstance of your brother being in the outfit, you have been accepted

You have been placed on a 2 week trial basis which is a standard procedure for all new recruits. It is required that you download Mumble (our preference over Teamspeak) and use the "Mumble Login" link at the top of the webskly or alternatively use the server details listed here: www.brtd.net/mumble

Please start using Mumble within the next week so that our Officers can set your permissions properly. If you have any trouble please consult the FAQ section: www.brtd.net/faq-guides or ask an officer who will be happy to assist you (you will need an officer to authenticate you on the mumble server when you first log in).

You may also find useful outfit related information in the combined information thread: www.brtd.net/forum-s/2-Public-Forum/1355...d-information-thread

If you will, please introduce yourself to the rest of the outfit by making a post here: www.brtd.net/forum-s/2-Public-Forum/7-hello-and-welcome

Check out our Training & Tactical Guides/Suggestions forum to get the low-down on how BRTD operates in-game: www.brtd.net/forum/training-tactics-guides-suggestions

Our outfit plays on the Eurydome server; our squads are often open and listed (though ask on mumble for an invite if they are not). The outfit feature in game is currently bugged so until it is fixed we will not be using it and will be relying purely on mumble and ingame squads.

BRTD are currently developing our combined arms approach so there is the potential to branch out into more air or ground vehicle related roles should you want to, but as it stands infantry still form the majority of the skill base in our outfit.

We request that all the outfit members like us on facebook and/or twitter as this really helps with the community aspect. Links to both of these pages can be found on the left hand side of the main website (www.brtd.net).



cheers for the reply delta, a lot of that info is a bit out of date haha!