[Application] M0rp4ine



Name: Ben

In-Game Name: M0rp4ine
Age: 22

Location: England

Previous Planetside Experience: Played PS1 on and off throughout the years since release, still proudly sitting on my shelf. No outfit history unfortunately, was a bit young back then.

Other Online Games Played: CS:S, L4D, WOW (until it went downhill after the Burning Crusade), BF3...

Do You Have a Mic?: Will do come payday in a few days! Nice gaming headset coming my way me thinks.

What You Hope to Bring to BRTD: Death from above! Infiltrator and Mosquito style. I like to use my Mosquito to transport me to highpoints overlooking the battle, pwning smurfs along the way, obviously, then it's headshot central. As far as play time goes, available regularly weekday evenings and sometimes weekends.

Preferred Play Style: Infantry mainly (Infiltrator, and not bad heavy inf), will be sceccing out my AA Mosquito again after this damn character wipe, and it's not unheard of me jumping in a lightning from time to time.

Anything Else You'd Like to Add: Beenplaying the beta for well over a month now and frankly it's it's probably the most epic game I've ever playing and can only imagine it's a hundred times better with an Outfit, so here I am.


You, Me, Closet, 7Min, Heaven, Now..
Oct 7, 2014
Washington, USA
Ben, at the moment we are not accepting any recruits until Planetside2 gets up and running once more, and we can gauge the amount of new blood to be brought in. No stress tho, please join us in playing on the server in one of the BRTD Public squads on Theyone. Once you turn 18, we can review your packet, and we will be letting more trial-basis recruits in shortly.

Keep looking here and we will PM you once recruitment opens once more!