Name: Christian

Age: 30

Location: Denmark

In-Game name: Mistah

Previous Planetside experience:
- Outfit history (if applicable): Leviathan among others.
I have played the game on and off for many years. My first copy of planetside was from a online retailer. But i lost the login so ive purchased a hard copy from of the game incl. CoreCombat in march 2005 (still got the reciept)

Other (online) games you have played / acheivements:
Battlefield series, Medal of Honor, WWII online, SWTOR etc.
- when discovered that Planetside 2 was comming up, i signed up for beta and reinstalled my copy of planetside.

Do you have a mic? yesir

What you hope to bring to BRTD: Dedication to the game and the platoon and eagernes to kill NC´s with metal.
Im a teamplayer. Together we shall conquer.

Anything else you'd like to add: *BEEP BEEP* says the marauder.


Actual event took place yesterday evening when passing time in a Galaxy...
:cheer: Q: Whats the mumble password?
:angry: A: valourtrr*: RTFM
:blink: thinking, what part of the fucking manual did i miss

Became a outfit member yesterday evening and the sky became clear. So welcome me.

It feels good to be back in a well organised outfiit, nerfing NC's in a devil'sh prowler.
Im still a bit rusty to all the interface commands but im sure it will come back eventually.

Also a lot a new toys has been added to the game. Some sort of deployable shield generator was put up yesterday. Neat.I've been crawling around in vain on planetside-universe for some more info on what have happend in the last few years. Anyone cares to give me a brief update?

...The GAL drop went smooth and the facility was hacked