Hey guys,

so through cunning search of the internet I found this little outfit and I've got to say, that I am impressed by your website.

I got my hands on a Planetside 2 beta key a couple of days ago and am pretty hooked by the game. I think the potential fun in this game is a lot bigger when you play in a group with people, that act somewhat coordinated so this is why I apply here. I am looking for a group that wants to have fun by doing stuff together (and is red).

So, the formalities:

Name: Greg

Age: 31

Location: Germany

In-Game name: Mort07

Previous Planetside experience: None
- Outfit history (if applicable): None

Other (online) games you have played / acheivements:

The only MMO I've really played for years and years was Eve Online until about spring 2011. I was in a closeknit german corp (and am still active in their forum) and know most of the guys in real live. By the time I went inactive we were in a medium sized nomadic alliance called 'The Initiative" and quite successful in medium sized fleet warfare (about 100 people in fleet).

I've got experience in leading small to medium sized fleets, but this doesn't help in Planetside I guess.

I've played quite a bit of Battlefield 3 lately, but I am pretty bad at it to be honest.

Do you have a mic? yes/no: Yes

What you hope to bring to BRTD: I don't know yet. At the moment I am having fun running behind MAX's as an Engi trying to keep them alive. I am not a very good shooter player, but I hope to improve and in the meantime I am trying to fill a support role.

Anything else you'd like to add: Uhm, no. I am for questions, of course. I am working full time, so my active playing hours are in the evening (EU) for a couple of hours. This can expand on the weekends.


Ugh, actually I do have a question.

I am trying to hop onto Mumble, but somehow it seems, that I got the wrong password. Is there a trick to it, or am I just dumb?


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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
Hi mate, glad you are interested in us :)

You have been Accepted into BRTD on Trial Basis - Here's a link to our Mumble information page (Voice comms like TS3/Vent). We Expect you to get on voice server within a week. if you have any trouble please read the FAQ guide or post on our forums for help.
Don't forget to post a quick hello if you haven't in here.
Click on FAQ Guides on the Home Page (Left Side) if you ever get stuck on anything Forum/Mumble-side.

Server is: EU1
Join a squad as outfit tab does not work

Cya in game