Name: Samuel Rees

Age: 25

Location: South Wales

In-Game name: Currently on EU2 as Sharpeshooter but will change to EU 1 if accepted

Previous Planetside experience: I played Planetside (1) enjoyed it but only really messed around with mates

Other (online) games you have played / achievements: Eve-online ( I ran a PVP corp in EVE called Mean corp and a PVE corp called Devils League) Currently playing SWTOR where I am the GM of a guild called Orange Pixel. also a massive fan of LFD

Do you have a mic? yes/no: I do indeed! (yes) I currently use mumble on a daily basis

What you hope to bring to BRTD: I can follow orders and use my intuition where needed. I’m not a bad shot, and I’m a VERY active gamer.

What is your proffered play style: Infantry/Armour/Aircraft: Infantry I think but I might dabble in armour too.

Anything else you'd like to add: Sadly I currently don’t have a computer that can run this game without it looking like a powerpoint presentation. However, in about two weeks time ( 25th of September) I will be getting a new rig and Hope to join you guys and gals in dealing some pain! Thanks.


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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
Hi Samuel,

You have been Accepted into BRTD on Trial Basis [Due to being not in-game yet, your trial will be held until you can actually get into game, you will receive forum access though]- Here's a link to our Mumble information page (Voice comms like TS3/Vent) [Can always jump on and say hello]. We Expect you to get on voice server within a week [This comes into effect when you can play the game]. if you have any trouble please read the FAQ guide or post on our forums for help.
Don't forget to post a quick hello if you haven't in the hello and welcome thread
Click on FAQ Guides on the Home Page (Left Side) if you ever get stuck on anything Forum/Mumble-side.

Server is: EU1
Join a squad as outfit tab does not work
Possibly will be fixed when you can play

Cya in game