Name: William Tornieporth

Age: 24

Location: Düsseldorf / Germany

In-Game name: Tarrok

Previous Planetside experience: Very little, perhaps a month or two just after launch.
- Outfit history (if applicable): N/A

Other (online) games you have played / acheivements: Most recent MMO was SWTOR where I played the Commando 'Helios' on Hidden Beks EU. I did a lot of PvP as well as Operations (raids).
EVE Online before that where I served as Exploration and Recruitment Officer. I also ran my own Corp with friends from the game for about 6 months.
In terms of FPSs, I've played a lot of the Battlefield series and been getting back into ARMA 2 recently.

Do you have a mic? yes/no: yes

What you hope to bring to BRTD: Right now I'm looking for bring a mix of Engineer/MAX and Mosquito support to BRTD. I've been really enjoying the flying mechanics so I may go down that road more heavily than infantry. I'm also very happy in a gunner seat, no matter the vehicle.

Anything else you'd like to add: I'm looking forward to some organized teamplay, flying with backup in the skies and having a good laugh with you all on voice. :lol:


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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
'lo Tarrok, the outfit is going to prioritise Infantry and Armour warfare, but a small Aircraft division will also be set up for air cover so nothing to worry about if you get yourself into it :)

You have been Accepted into BRTD - I will send you private message with Mumble info (Voice comms like TS3/Vent)
Don't forget to post a quick hello if you haven't in here: http://www.brtd.net/community/2-Public-Forum/7-hello-and-welcome
I'll ask a admin to register you on forum. Jump on voice when you want and make yourself at home

Cya ingame