Application : Tetryon Knight


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Feb 18, 2013
Name: Steven

Age: 34

Location: Belgrade

In-Game name: TetryonKnight and other variations on this, and I have a TR acc on Woodman(still have the account but I just do not play with it anymore)

Previous Planetside experience:
PS1 for 2-3 months YEARS ago, PS2 Beta

Outfit history (if applicable):
-Well, I've started playing with 10 of irl friends on Woodman as TR untill all of them decided to go back to our previous grind fest of a MMO.
Realized I do not know anyone outside my circle on Woodman, got pissed made a new account, bitched for days about stats / gear... made a new acc to play on the server with the largest population.... and... that's it.

Other (online) games you have played / achievements:
-Too many to list and not be embarrassed.

Do you have a mic? yes/no:
-Yes, though I'm too self-aware/hate my accent to actually speak.

What you hope to bring to BRTD:
- Hopefully my grumpy, old self.

What made you choose this outfit over any other organized outfit:
-I just realized 20 mins ago that I'm sick of playing alone, your outfit thread caught my eye on the PS2 forums (well, tbh it was the first/only one I opened)

What do you want from BRTD:
- Usual stuff, I guess. When we're having fun, cocking about, absolutely nothing. When we're trying to actually do something only decent objectives/leadership. I'm not expecting spectacular strategies that will make Sun Tzu blush ...erm, it's a game, I just want to have fun, and more importantly stress relief from work and a bitchy, yet adorable (in case she is looking over my shoulders) wife. When I'm in an outfit squad, I'll do my best.

What is your prefered play style: Infantry/Armour/Aircraft: Light Assault exclusively (I like to pretend it's original Tribe like, although I'm painfully aware it isn't) and other classes only in specific situations and in the case of a dire need;, good ESF pilot but they are dime a dozen, I've just semi-specced the Mossie, didn't bother playing with it on MIller.

Anything else you'd like to add: I really dislike cornflakes for some unfathomable reason.

BRTD does request loyalty from its members therefore any characters on VS and NC needs to be on alternative servers.

I do have a VS char lvl 10ish on Miller on this account (not even one char on Miller on my old account), but I do not play with it.


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Jan 22, 2013
Welcome to BRTD TKnight,

I would like to take the time to welcome you as a trial member of BRTD! You have been accepted on a 2 week trial basis which is a standard procedure for all new recruits. It is required that you download Mumble which we use for voice communication. You will be sent a private message on this website with mumble details as soon as your application is accepted, for information on installing mumble please go here:

Please start using Mumble within the next week so the officers can register you and get you into the thick of BRTD operations. When you first log onto mumble you will not have the proper rights to move from the lobby, as such just hold tight there and someone will pop up and welcome you to the outfit and get you started. If you have any trouble please consult the FAQ section: or ask an officer who will be happy to assist you. If for any reason you cannot log onto mumble within a week of your application submission, just send which ever officer accepted your application a message on the BRTD website saying why so we don't remove you due to inactivity.

All relevant information of the many events we run in BRTD can be found here:

Training nights are on Thursday and Sunday at 8pm GMT where we take you through tactics BRTD use and make sure you know the basics so you can enjoy the game as much as we do.

Along with training every Thursday and Sunday we run “Monday night Madness” which is always a good laugh! In this event we hold races, showdowns, and many more things to boot. A point to note, sometimes even station cash prizes are given!

After getting your application accepted make sure you pop over to this topic and ask for your forum rights thus allowing you to see are plethora of planetside information and guides!

Also just pop to this link and introduce your self to the rest of are members:

Our outfit plays on the EU Miller server; our squads are often open and listed (though ask on mumble for an invite if they are not). When you are set up on Mumble, Please ask an officer for an outfit invite so you can join our squads in-game.

We request that all the outfit members like us on Facebook and/or twitter as this really helps with the community aspect and also keep up to date if there is any important news. Links to both of these pages can be found on the left hand side of the main website ( or do the search option for Facebook. Name: BRTD or twitter: ps_brtd
we hope you enjoy your time with us!