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Sep 25, 2012
Name: Gabriel

Age: 27

Location: Romania

In-Game name:

Atm its WolfTR at launch it will be something around Wolf/Wolf1985/Wolfenhowl depending on availability

Previous Planetside experience:

I didn't play any of the first.At about that time I was just a kiddo and not on my money.
Been active on the beta however in one of them been active as NC with Rebel Air for a time and as TR with the Freelancer Union did play as VS also to check out the look but didn't play with an outfit.I loved both the outfits especially the NC one,they were really organized but didn't want to play NC all the way kind of a torn off decision.

Other (online) games you have played / achievements:

Many many mmorpg.
WoW for a long time(my first mmo when i got my first credit card) around 7 years,without going into detail cleared almost all of vanilla only with few bosses up in naxx,in TBC I took a break and only raided casually,cleared all WotLK and proud owner of a Frostmourne on my DK,in Cata cleared up to nef while hi still was the big baddie but guild started falling apart by then.It was a vanilla old guild and I didn't want to move somewhere else so I took the BIG break from wow.
Rift played as warrior tank and dps spots.Cleared everything until Hammerknell killed 2 bosses in first 2 days and then had to go in vacation for about a week or so.After I came back was pleasantly surprised that I got replaced by another warrior that got recruited on my absence and was on reserves,had a rage snap at that time and quit the game all together.
SWToR,Aion,Tera,Conan and a lot others but only focusing on pvp.

Do you have a mic?


What you hope to bring to BRTD:

I'm a teamplayer,professional,hardworking and very dedicated if I'm in around the right people.Long hours of raiding in the past taught me about communication in a large group how to work together to achieve a goal.Not a very chatty person because I like to concentrate on what I'm doing but I'm always listening.

What is your proffered play style:

Will be concentrating mostly on infantry play light/heavy assault.Played a lot with MAX units in beta,won't be able to focus on it now as they got a cd and priced however.Will switch to other roles if the situation demands it,I like to adapt and improvise.

Anything else you'd like to add:

Been playing games for almost 20 years now since I was old enough to push the buttons of a keyboard.Not my own but hey gotta work with what you can get your hands on when your addicted,no? I love RPGs the most but I always tried all kinds of genres and never stuck to one,if it looks fun I'll try it out,if I find people to play with I'll stick to it even longer.

Atm I'm splitting my time between GW2/Borderlands2/PS2 beta and sleep when I can fit that in.I work from home running my own business so I can fit hours as I want as long as I know ahead of time when I'm needed so I can do a schedule.I haven't missed many raids in the past unless I was on vacation,had a 95% presence or so in most guilds I've been in which are not many as I tend to stick around in one place.

I'm surprised there is no 'What do you expect from BRTD:' or something along those lines.As you get up in years you tend to be more picky where you join up and how things fit you in.I know there is a list of the things you can expect from the guild but it's a generic list.


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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
Hi Gabriel,

Glad you chose the right side :)

Good thing is recruitment opened up again earlier today
Just to let you know as you seem the tanker type - 4 Divisions will be in place for BRTD - one of these Divisions will be Armoured - just worth mentioning

Should be no problem with playing time as we aren't strict about it. People have priorities which is understandable - weekends alone are fine as other people do the same.

You have been Accepted into BRTD on Trial Basis which will last 2 weeks - If you click on FAQ on the home page you can see some links, click on the link which is 'Quick Connect'. We Expect you to get on voice server within a week. if you have any trouble please read the FAQ guide or post on our forums for help.
Don't forget to post a quick hello if you haven't in the hello and welcome thread in public forum

Check with Training and Guides to check in with the scheduled training times of the outfit - would greatly appreciate it if you participated in them to get a feel and understanding of how the outfit works.

Server is: Thyone
Join a squad as outfit tab does not work

Cya in game


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Sep 25, 2012
I will later on,atm the site seems to load really slow and it's hard to get anywhere.