[Application] Zapalot



Name: Florian

Age: 26

Location: Austria

In-Game name: Zapalot (PS1 = Teuflor)

Previous Planetside experience: Planetside 1 since june 2003? dunno exactly. Highest is br24 cr2 TR, and some other rnd chars bout br 6 - 16

Outfit history (if applicable): Outcasters long time ago. Last one was D2A. Was also @ blue lions, but it just felt wrong :eek:hmy:

Other (online) games you have played / acheivements: DaoC, WoW (shame on me), D2, BF series (2142 was my fav ^^) and all the other rnd games. I prefer online games, so i you seen some Zapalot around or Bhodi, that was maybe me :)

Do you have a mic? yes/no: 4 sure, even got a TS2 server :p

What you hope to bring to BRTD: Teamplay, i can stay at a point defending it while the others get the fun... ;)

Anything else you'd like to add: I always enjoyed squading up with you guys in PS1, not only you got the most people on at my timezone, more because you guys think while playing :) Also i like to add that im not a native speaking englishman, so be polite and be patient with me sometimes :)



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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
Outcasters, good guys, we should be working along side 'em in PS2. Glad you're interested in us, and as for Blue Lions, I can see why it felt wrong aha :D
Don't worry about your English, it can't be as bad as Collin's surely aha. Looking forward reviving your ass in PS2 when I get my hands on new computer :)

You have been Accepted into BRTD - I will send you private message with Mumble info (Voice comms like TS3/Vent)
Don't forget to post a quick hello if you haven't in here: www.brtd.net/community/2-Public-Forum/7-hello-and-welcome
I'll ask a admin to register you on forum. Jump on voice when you want and make yourself at home
Don't forget to check this thread out: www.brtd.net/community/2-Public-Forum/13...d-information-thread
Will contain anything you need help with.

Cya ingame


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Jul 20, 2006
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Access Sorted , you can view/post on the outfit area of the forums

Welcome to BRTD Zapalot

We have many many Europeans in our outfit , quite a few Germans , so you if don't understand something just ask us to repeat it slower as we are well use to it. i'm sure collin or frisby can translate anything you don't understand.

if you can understand me, you can understand anyone that speaks english :)