Back on duty


Jan 13, 2013
Hi guys,

not sure if anyone noticed but I was not online for about 2 weeks.

I spent these weeks in Ireland and must say I really liked the country. I visited Dublin about 4 times now but have never seen anything else. Now I had the chance.

First we stayed in a nice B&B near Galway (Oughterard). Galyway was busier than expected with the art festival and the races but we had a lot of fun. After 4 nights we had another B&B near Cork (Macroom). What can I say: "I kissed a stone and i liked it" :)
The last 4 nights we stayed in Dublin again. Girlfirends like to shop so this location was mandatory. I however got a guinness diploma.

I conclusion: Driving on the left side is easier than expected. Guinness tastes much better in ireland than in germany. Sheep blocking your way ... try that in germany :lol:

I loved it and will definately plan another trip.

So whoever read till here. I'll be back on duty within the next days.