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Dec 25, 2012
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Hey guys,
I started EVE-Online again, a few days ago. Dont think ill continue playing PS2. On the one hand it has great game mechanics and graphics ... on the other hand its simply not working on my system as it should.
It was a great time in BRTD for me with a lot of great fun. I hope that, one day, PS2 will run on my system with more than 10 Fps in a battle ....
And on this lucky day, you will have me back. I promise!

Since than some of you can find me in EVE-Online as "Der Bischof". When ever you need a Mercenary there, just call me ... Iam in a Merc-Corp right now, that really knows how to fuck ppl :D

Thanks for that great time and thanks for everything you thought me.

Let 'em bleed :D