BRTD Open Public Organised Squads! Tuesday 9PM GMT



Hi guys.

Having seen theres over 100 GUESTS online right now, i am starting to think "wow, theres not much to this forum is there?" Because you need to apply to see more!.

However, are you unsure of joining this great outfit? want to try before you buy? Well tonight you have a chance to do so.

As of 9PM GMT tonight - I, will be hosting yet another BRTD public squad night. This a team-play orientated squad and/or platoon which will follow / support the main BRTD force (On average 2-3 platoons a night!) If you are that type of player who wants to play in big organised groups, then come on by tonight at 9PM!

Just add Dotz0r (z0r with a zero) ingame or see me at the warpgate!. The squad will be "listed" as the following. - Public Platoon.

(This platoon may form midday aswell, depending on time.)


New Member
Sep 26, 2012
Platoon leaders have direct comms with Dotz0r and anyone joining in on this will be tailing the main BRTD force very closely - watch how every point is manned 2/2 or 6/6 - watch how the front line slowly progresses - watch how we stick together - watch how we, "Have fun, get shit down" - moto

Keep up the work Dotz. will be online for support if needed.