BRTD Open Public Organised Squads!


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Aug 25, 2014
West Midlands, England
Hi guys - first sorry been inactive past few days just didn't feel the urge to play PS2 as much ^^ Will need to get up to date

And second - If you have sent an application in but denied due to recruitment being closed and waiting for it to open up again before joining or any other reasons - the Public squad of BRTD will be up and running - operating around the time of 8pm GMT.

Warning: No set date or time - It will run when it runs until further notice

Just look out for the BRTD Public squad in squad listings - Server: EU Miller

Will be on tonight and open a squad up (date of posting) and see if any other members are interested with multiple squads

If you are going to join these squads we ASK OF YOU VERY KINDLY to listen what is being said over squad chat - so make sure your squad chat in game is loud enough for us to be heard.
Waypoints will be as active as possible for people who join any time to catch up - ASWELL if you are lagging very far behind say in squad chat that you are and the squad leader will put down a spawn bacon down for you to drop pod onto. Thanks guys :)

Speak to me 'DeltaWidow', 'Dotz0r', 'Boostoff', 'Placid' or 'Jamriko' on the forums or in game if you want to find out more about these squads

Thanks, Cya in-game


I wonder if we can get it on the calender thing above the forums?

Just because guests visiting can go upto 150+, advertise it abit more. Already asked a few people via other media if they are interested, a few good replies - but we will see!

btw i am up for it as per usual - however start without me if you have the numbers as i will be on between 8/9pm just not quite sure when.