Burning out.


Oct 7, 2012
Attendance may get a tad sporadic from here on out, I really love Planetside and playing with the Outfit, however I am a bit of a restless spirit when it comes to my free time - I'll change between videogaming/miniature painting/novel reading and so forth like changing underpants, and even rotate between different genres within those things. Sticking to one thing makes me really tired of that one things, and I'd rather not play Planetside until I get sick of playing Planetside, but that's what I foresee happening. So I'm gonna stagger it out between other things to catch my breath, and see if I can't resume regular attendance further on.


Totally understand m8. Your like myself in that regard.
I cannot focus 100% of my free time onto 1 game, no matter how great the game is I just can't do it.

I swap between a few games, PS2/GW2/SWTOR/NFS most wanted/ mechwarrior/Hawken to name a few, as well as doing various arty bits such as drawing and a lot of photography and photoshop. :)

I know some players can happily play the game till their eyes bleed but it's not for everyone.
But as long as your on time to time I don't see an issue :)


Just take it easy mate no worries.
Everyone will be done with the game from time to time and if you take little break that isn't an issue.

We rather have you play little less now than you will quit the game entirely