Computer tweaks and performance issues


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Oct 1, 2012
So. I'd like to start this thread because last night (04.10.12) someone said SOMETHING about nVidia cards and boosting your performance. If anyone has tips and tricks please share them here.

To start off I'll share the mail I got from Technical Support about my FPS issues.

Greetings Ashoto,

Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. PlanetSide 2, being still in it's beta stages, has definitely not yet been optimized to run with all of the combinations of systems, including laptops, not withstanding the mobile graphics cards that they can use; however in most cases there are performance tweaks that can be made to increase your gameplay experience. Please review the two forum threads I've included below, they're pretty insightful guides on how to make adjustments to improve performance.

PlanetSide 2 Tweak Guide v0.1:

"The" Frame Rate Thread:

If you're still running into some performance issues, I'll need you to send me these two files so I can diagnose your system


I'll include instructions on how to make them below and there's a link with videos showing how to make them at the bottom of the email.

To create the files on your hard drive:

Press and hold the Windows key and tap the R key on your keyboard.
In the box that pops up type DXDIAG and press Enter on your keyboard.
Click the "Save all Information" button, located at the bottom of the program window.
In the "Save As" box click the icon in the top bar, and then click on "Desktop".
Save the file as "dxdiag.txt"
You'll need to do the Windows key and R trick again only this time you'll type MSINFO32
Click on the "File" menu and choose "Export..."
In the File name box type MSinfo and click on "Save"

You can return the generated files to us by following these instructions:

Point your browser to
Click the SUPPORT link on the top of
On the Support page, click the VIEW MY SERVICE HISTORY link on the right side of the page under the orange "wrench" icon.
On the following page, click the SERVICE HISTORY tab and log in when prompted.
When logged in, click the subject of this ticket under the QUESTIONS section
Add a few lines in the text box then click the BROWSE button below to attach your files.
Submit your ticket.
We will review the files upon receipt and try to determine what might be interfering.

Answer Title: How to Create System and Network Information Files
Answer Link:

Your reference [120929-000309] Please use this number if you need to refer to this contact for any reason.

If you have any more questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Jesse S.
Technical Service Representative
Sony Online Entertainment

Both links present you with basic solutions to tweaking any game but some parts are a bit specific.

I didn't need to make and send them the files they mention because I managed to boost my fps slightly. I feel like I'm playing Tetris now but at least I'm not trying to aim at stuff with 10fps.


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Aug 25, 2014
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I think in the meeting earlier in the month, someone said that we will be making a post about all the things you can do to improve performance and FPS.

When or if it goes up up I'm not too sure.


here is a post with some tweaks


With everyone's setup been different as well as each players own feel for the game the tweaks and options you see should only be changed to suit your own need until you feel the game is more responsive or can play how you want to play.
You don't always need to do EVERY SINGLE TWEAK you find to gain that bit more fps. Each system is different.

Best advice would be to find out what each option does and to alter it yourself and judge the difference first hand rather than slapping everything down at same time.
But if you feel more comfortable with that then gl and do hope it improves your game play :)


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Oct 1, 2012
Well, it's not a matter of what I like or not since I'm trying to get from 10 to 15 fps :lol:
I saw that my GPU was set to Quality last night. Changed it to Performance with absolutely no result.
I got so pissed last night in that generator room. It's just ridiculous.