Dev Chat - where their heart lies . . . .


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Aug 2, 2014
so , i was reading one of these Dev chats . . . .

One of the things that caught my Eye was question #6

6) Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, or Vanu Sovereignty? Which is your favorite faction and why?

New Conglomerate first, Vanu second. When I first tried PlanetSide, I really liked the idea of the separatist faction fighting for what they believe is right. But I also liked the idea of the scientific cult of the Vanu Sovereignty. I started off as N.C. and then later tried V.S., but I really dig the armor style of the NC in our new game and will most likely be starting off with them again. But man, those VS weapons and vehicles are so cool!

funny - he never even comments about TR stuff - ha!