Fresh Out the Spawn Tubes




My name is Ryan Lung, handle is lung1 (25/4) and I've been playing PS since late 2004 I believe... exactly when PS took honorable mention for game of the year in MaximumPC. After witnessing TR holding a base, especially with those locked downed maxes.... I was hooked on both the game and TR for life. No other game before or since has gripped me the same, bar absolutely none... and we're talking about an almost 9 year old game here!

Took a hiatus in 2009 after finally achieving CR4 and typing my first /contall, lots of laughs right there. Resubbed in 2011 after hearing subbed accounts would have priority access for what was at the time being called PS Next. Been playing in ever increasing amounts since then and loving it.

Being in Hawaii I usually play when server pops are at their lowest which in turn forced me to acquire an uncommon skillset. I drive and gun my own vehicles; SG, prowlers and marauders. My original driver alt made (25/1) with only a handful of direct kills, all runovers. Current driver alt is mca (12/1) and make no mistake, even after years of doing this I still bump into a lot of trees.

And rocks.

And base walls.

After being invited to BRTD, I was shocked to see a full 20-man platoon @ 2am HST. I did not believe PS had the pops to support that anymore, I'm so glad to be wrong.

Good Hunting

Ryan Lung


Aug 11, 2014
Welcome to BRTD! :)

We probably will not run into eachother that often in game, as I am from Europe and I think Hawaii has like -11 hours to my GMT+1 . Even if you may play at low pop hours I believe Hawaii has other things to offer to compensate for that ;) . I always wanted to visit the polynesian islands but never made it there :( (but hopefully I will some day).

Hope you will enjoy your stay and time with BRTD :)