Friday's Practice Summary!


Oct 17, 2012
Mumble on first event night


Good job lads! :D


Mumble on first event night

reaper 5 must have been a one-man only operation! :) j/k

Nice to see!


Mumble on first event night

[quote="Juggernaut" post=6761]that screenshot is at 12am mate, so numbers were declining at that stage[/quote]

That was 12am :O normally its not even half that! at that time, well things seem to be changing! :)


Overall Fridays practice was a success! Great job to everyone who attended. We conquered esamir and later on in the evening were able to finally lock it for the Terran Republic. Communication and response time were both up and its something we need to keep improving on. This was only one night and we will need to continue to practice these basics everyday.

So remember step up and become a part of the team. Respond over mumble, make an effort, and the rest will follow. Incase you missed out here are the main points we covered.

BRTD is a NON-military, organized outfit with the common goal to have fun and get shit done.

* Keep comms clear when they need to be
*Clear Comms means to quiet down immediatley
*Battle comms means only battle related information

Outfit Ops time is from 8pm GMT - 11pm GMT unless a event is scheduled.

Remember to check the website for event times

Response time
*Listen for requests or orders and help your team out by responding and making an effort to work together.
*Loading sunderer's. The time it takes us to load sunderer's needs to improve.
*before a important order is given the squad leader should call clear comms for the channel.

Officers are keeping track of members who show they are trying or putting forth a effort for the team. If you try, you will get recognized.

You can request 1on1 training or sign up for our specialized trainings through the training section on the forums.
Specialized trainings will be scheduled soon, Aircraft , Sniper , Infantry tactics, Armor etc.

Current Platoon Set-up
Reaper 1 in mumble should join reaper 1 in game
Reaper 2 in mumble should join Reaper 2 in game...and so on
You should join the reaper channel with the least amount of people in it.

Members joining through a friend make sure you post your application on the recruitment section saying that you were brought in through a friend. Then have your friend who is vouching for you make a post on the thread as well. Remember all new members start out on a 2 week trial, which is updaed once a month to full members if they meet the requirments.

We are working on building on our system to improve the overall fun and effectiveness of the outfit. So keep a positive attitude and give us time to sort things out and build up the outfit to where it needs to be. What we need from everyone is for you to put in as much as we do by working as a team, improving response time, and help us to replicate the teamwork we had in Planetside 1.

Don't forget our modo " Have fun and Get shit done."



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Jul 20, 2006
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Really enjoyed last night show what we can achieve if we work together, things are still settling down atm, we need more people to try out for sq leading. remember open mic night on wednesday evening and ask any officer about sq leading we can open up slots at other times


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Nov 21, 2012
Thanks for last night guys, my first organised PS2 session. Was good fun, if a little confusing at times! I'm sure I'll get the hang of it though :)


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Nov 2, 2012
Was loads of fun last night getting everyone out there and causing chaos. Just a shame we couldn't lock the continent down before I left. That last battle really did me in for the night :p


Mumble on first event night

It was an Awesome night. I see people are improving a lot. Keep it up.

MY thanks goes out to Reaper 2! You guy's were awesome and taking that North point in Eli Amp Station was a big achievement!!
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