Fuck Sony, I'm taking a break


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Nov 27, 2012
So after my pc had crashed and I had to reinstall everything, I wanted to play a game of PS2. What appears, that during my crash somebody had hacked my account which Sony had found out about and decided to block it untill they got contacted. Well done Sony, anti -hacking done the right way B)

So when I recieved their e-mail, I immediately contacted them about and they refuse to give the account to me; because I don't want to give the current pw to it :blink: . Sony decided to deny all acces to my old account even though I can prove it's mine by providing old pw and account details, they refuse to give me acces :angry: .

My mind is a bit puzzled :S because a Sony employee would never ask your pw, but they do. And I'm mailing to the official Sony.

So as in the title said, I'm taking a break, I can't deal with this shit at the moment (both time consuming and mentally annoying me during summer break). So I'll be gone for a few weeks (3+), because of this shit and some stuff I need to do + family holiday.

Theci (on leave)


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Apr 13, 2012
Fair enough, we'll see ya when you get back! And if you don't get your account back, you can always start a new one.