Great job to all Recruits!!



Over the past 3 weeks I have organized 6 recruit trainings each one going better than the last. I have seen some great displays of teamwork, communication and response time. It is amazing how quickly all of you picked up on everything I have wanted you to learn. I just want to say thanks for participating and putting forth such a effort. However we always will have room for improvement.

Now I am curious on how all Recruits who attended felt about the training. Did you have fun? Did you learn more about how BRTD works? Just give me your opinion on the training in a post below. Recruits who did participate have been kept track of and your tags will be removed very soon.

Also special thanks to my training team RedSnow, Sharpe, Zorkos, Waldmenschen, Zunk. Thanks for your dedication to BRTD.

- Snap


No thank to me Snap,

I wasn't there at least for 4 of the recruits trainings with all the holidays going on. But more thanks to you snap for organising and for Sharpe, Zorkos, Waldmenschen and zunk.

Last Thursday I was their however and I was impressed how many people were there!

So Also Big thanks to all the recruits from me!