Hello to all



Hello everbody,

I am Snow and I will be joining BRTD for Planetside2 so I thought I would introduce myself a little bit.

I am 20 years old and Original live in The Netherlands, but at the moment for my study I live in Portugal, Evora.

I play rugby do fitness and occasionally play a soccer match.

Played a lot of FPS games and also MMORPG like Guildwars, Maplestory and will also be playing Guildwars2 in the near future. Unfortunately I never played Planetside1 simply because I didn't know it existed ( Like a lot of people of my Age I suppose)

The main thing I am going to focus on at Planetside2 will be air and Assault Trooper. I am looking forward to the play style of 2 or 3 squads raiding several outpost, and then head in Massively to try to capture a big facility.

If you any questions about me just ask And I will see and speak to you over Planetside2!

Beta starts Soon!!!

Kind Regards,