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internet explorer 9 error


Interwebs Mechanic
Staff member
Jul 20, 2006
Ireland, Galway
hi folks,

its has come to my attention that internet explorer 9 doesn't read the website correctly, and isn't following international web standards .
I have fixed the problem by forcing internet explorer 9 to use IE7 web standard. for those people still using ie9 its should now display correctly, I would suggest another browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera . all of these browsers have a shorted development cycle so are more secure,reliable and are faster in most cases

Here the bug before the fix:

[img size250]http://www.brtd.net/images/ARTICLES/admin/website%20out%20of%20line.jpg[/img]

The image after fixing the bug

[img size=500]http://www.brtd.net/images/ARTICLES/admin/fixed%20%20website.jpg[/img]