Iregular activity



Hey guys! I should have written this much earlier....

My game activity with the outfit has been some what sporatic these six months since I was recuited! I mean I only have 48 hour of game time so far...for example three days in a row one week , then you don't see me for 2 weeks and then I suddenly pop up again and play two more evenings!! This is mostly a result of sharing of the same computer with my little brother and we dont' always get along...(you with simbling understand haha). We are both fairly big gamers and we play a lot of games!
What I am trying to say is that my sporatic game activity with BRTD will probobly not change in the near future. I just wanted to gome clean and be honest with you
because I still like this game and This Outfit very much and I still want to be a part of them both!! It's just that my time isn't alwys enough as I want it to be :/
I will try to spend more time but no promises I'm afraid!!
I you would like me to leave I would understand....

/ Hampus "CUDEY" Bengtsson