Just popping in to say hello!



Hey guys! I've met a lot of you guys in game and in Mumble, but here I am introducing to everyone! :D

Name's GamerStone, or Gamer as Vegas and others call me, and I'm from the USA. I'll let people guess, if they want, where in the US I'm from by accent just cause it's interesting to hear XD

But basically I'm brand new to Planetside and I love the game already. Started playing cause I heard the hype for PS2 and, to be honest, I was LOST until Delta got me into this Outfit and Juggernaut put me through training, so thank you guys for that!

So basically I'm going to get back to work and daydreaming of getting home to play some Planetside :D

PS: I also have a YouTube Channel, so IF ALLOWED I'll Fraps some of our bigger assaults and post them up! So far I've taken a few screenies but I love to Fraps it all XD