Let get all the cr5 together



So we can OS their bum in one big smoke.

After 10 misery hours on Ish, we finally have a push to get the VS off. Phew.

We took Hanish and made our way for Girru the last Tech Plant the VS have. This is where the Cr5 order the TR to go to Baal, Searhus and Forseral all at the same time.

We got Girru, woo, with 5000 CR for me, thank you squad/platoon.

Then I left with Hossin under attack and the Cr5 continue to split the forces all over the world.

So I feel the only sound advice is to get all cr5 TR together and OS them all. It the only way to be sure !! we blast some logic into their mind !! ;)


Being CR5 on NC I know where you are coming from, this is not only a problem for the TR but all of the empires. Rogue CR5s decide to do this regardless of his empires pop or the wishes of all the other CR5s. In truth some CR5s are selfish and feel that they are better than all the other players so this is a licence to do woteva they like and I know with the NC this is a real bug bare for me.

We have all been there, fighting over a cont half the empire leave to find a fight, end up lowest pop on both conts and consequently losing everything. I dont know how this problem can be solved. possibly a TS channel for all CR5s, to agree a target, discuss tactics etc... All i know is with the pops on all empires dwindling, we seriously need to think how best to acheive our goals and in my mind all working together, with possibly a small and i mean small squad acting as a decoy squad will produce better results than splitting the zerg across 2 conts.

Oh btw can some1 pass this on to the chinese, as they seem to be the worst offenders of splitting empires pops in the hope of getting global dominations.