Miller’s Weekly Outfit Clash


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Jan 22, 2013
Miller’s Weekly Outfit Clash

The purpose of this event is to bring as many outfits on a single continent one night a week. There will be no official victors for this event the goal is just to get outfits fighting outfits and raise the level of Miller as a server.

Dates are a random sequence of weekdays. The order of weekdays will stay the same so you will know all the future event dates, you can see the sequence below. We hope outfits participate in whatever form they can even if the dates are not their peak or operation days.

The first three weeks continents have been randomly selected and I will be updating them on Miller subreddit, Miller official website and PS2 official forums so they will always be selected for the next 3 upcoming events. The same continent can’t be selected twice in a row. Continents will rotate to keep things fresh. Sometimes continents will be full and it will be hard to get entire outfits at the selected continent but that’s how the cookie crumbles. Amerish will be the first continent the Clash will descend upon because of it’s stable low pop at this time, but after that selection is random.

There is no specific starting or ending time to the event. It is the evening of that weekday. This is because different outfits have different operation times and there is no specific times that will suit all outfits.

* Thursday 15.8.2013 Amerish
* Saturday 24.8.2013 Esamir
* Wednesday 28.8.2013 Indar
* Friday 6.9.2013
* Monday 9.9.2013
* Tuesday 17.9
* Sunday 29.9.2013

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