mini mid week outfit events


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Jan 2, 2006

ok over next couple of days we going to try a few mini outfit events

option 1:-
this will call for a full outfit recall on order
there we will need at least 2 galaxy pilots
a couple of advanced medics
ams drivers
max units (pounder and dc)

i would like to see us be able to organise a hostile gen drop and hold
there for needing ams and router set up from edge of soi to the gen room but the pad doesnt go down till the gen is destroyed also back up pads to be carried incase of being taken out

order of play
gal drop in back door adv hacker to vehicle pad with ams and router driver to get them out and set up hacker then to terminal hack out max units.
take down the gen clear gen room so as no casualties soon as destroyed get router pad up in gen
and all deffend gen with a couple of cloakers out of gen for advance warning (frankies role spy agent)
max units front most engerneers behind repairing them and adv meds at the back to revive also the ams and router pad to respawn in

option 2:-
llu runs

we all know we are good at these and have them of to a tee

option 3:-
last minute base rescues

same again
2 galaxies or 3 for a full platoon
6 max units to fill gals
adv medics
adv hackers

all recall to sanc or be matrixed to dropship center if we own it
load galaxy
drop on roof (tech plant or amp station)
back door (interlink or bio lab)
storm cc clear room and resecure

any one else with any suggestions for mini events feel free to throguh them in
not forgetting that we are know for having a heavy armour outfit at the moment
lol i was even asked last night of other cr5 if i could get our platoon to suppress a cy with our armour while another group did a gal drop so we are getting a good reputation also was aksed if we could do a fast llu run but with onyl a hand full on we couldnt do it as was very ealr y hours in the morning and there was only myself jackstraw and timmers on
ok peeps have fun